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We’ve fixed over a thousand iPhone, iPad, and iPod Classic products in the last year and we are experts at it. But we also repair the iPod Touch 2, 3, 4th Generation Models, iPad, and a number of HTC and Droid phone. Recently at iPhone Repair Lakeland, we have begun our service on the Amazon Kindle Fire Reader, Samsung Galaxy Tablet, and other brands of Tablet Readers.
Apple iPad Repair
We offer: iPad Repair, WiFi and 3G models, Water damage, iPad screen repair, Shattered Digitizer replace. We can replace a cracked lcd screen or broken shattered glass on your iPad WiFi+3G, iPad WiFi. We are here to help you.
iPad Front Glass/Touch Screen
- Do you have cracked glass on your iPad but touch screen and LCD is functioning normally?
- Are you experiencing no sense for touch but everything else is functioning?
- Do you have cracked glass and no touch sense but good pictures on LCD on your iPad?
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Did you Shatter, Crack, or Break your iPad Touch Screen?

Broken glass on your iPad? We call it a digitizer, all you need to know is it's the part you touch and detects your fingers or stylus when you touch the glass panel. We'll take care of the fixing part and have your iPad back to you in a timely manner!
Relax... your iPad is in good hands with iPhone Repair Lakeland
Each repair is done with brand new OEM parts. We only replace the parts that need to be replaced.  There is no excessive billing on labor or unnecessary parts.  We've been repairing the iPad since the 1st generation models were released.  Did you know the first tablet (not an iPad) was released in 2005?  That's when we started repairing tablets and cellular products!
Want to see how many repair jobs on the iPad, iPhone, and iPod we've done?  Check out our facebook page or just look below for a few examples of our repair jobs.

 This broken (shown fixed in the picture)  iPad was brought to us one day with some frame damage (the silver back) and a heavily cracked digitzer (touch screen).  As you can see, here is a picture of the same iPad with a new digitizer screen in perfect working condition.  We test out each screen, wifi, 3g service, volume, camera, and power button after each successful repair.  The process to repair an iPad is to remove the broken glass digitizer without damaging any cabling underneath the adhesive.  All the adhesive is scraped off before a new digitizer is put in place.  We've seen where some repair shops will lay a brand new touch screen on top of old adhesive which will often contain broken fragments of glass.  This is sloppy and can cause the screen to crack easily again.  Why not do it right the first time!  

There is a difference with a cheap repair and a quality repair done right at a fair price!  

Need more proof?  Visit us online at our Facebook page to see what our customers have to say about our repair service.  All our repair service options come with a warranty.

iPad Repair Lakeland - Trouble with your Home Button on your iPad?

A malfunctioning home button on your iPad can render your iPad to be useless.  It's a critical part of the iPad which lets you switch between screens, enable voice options, bring you to your home screen, can enable Siri, and allows your to close out running apps in the background.  If you are experiencing a defective home button then we can help!  It's a pretty simple process but it does require a bit of skill to remove the touch screen without breaking your glass digitizer!

Just bring your iPad to our repair shop here at 3500 S. Florida Ave, Suite 7 right here in Lakeland, FL.