iPad Mini Broken Screen Repair

 iPad Mini Screen Repair

This repair will replace your iPad mini screen if you have cracked, broken or damaged the glass digitizer on your iPad Mini.  We've even repaired a Water Damaged Mini!
The Best Solution: Trust us, no one else in the Lakeland or Polk County area is doing these repairs, and due to the precision soldering skills necessary to replace a screen on an iPad mini, you don't want to attempt this repair yourself. Leave it to us, this is our specialty, and you won't get a cheaper price! You've found the best solution.

Turnaround Time And Cost:   time is generally 3-6 days, and the cost is the best we can do based on parts pricing. We're cheaper than everyone else! Trust us. 
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A broken iPad screen can render your iPad or iPad mini tablet useless.  It can cause harm to your fingers when you touch the screen and be a visual distraction having shattered glass on your tablet.  Getting your iPad repaired and fixed is quite simple.  Just bring it in to our repair shop here in North Lakeland next to the Lakeland Square Mall.  No appointment needed but is appreciated.

We repair broken glass, headphone jacks, jammed volume and power buttons, dock chargers, frame damage, LCD panel replacement, and even water or liquid damage!

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