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The "Home" button on an iPhone is the only physical button you can actually press on the front of the iPhone. Typically the "Home" button will return you to the main menu, but this is dependent entirely on the settings you have specified for it. A non-responsive home button can cause a lot of stress and frustration especially if you are trying to look up important information.

If your "Home" button isn't functioning properly, stuck, or simply no longer responding to your touch then iPhone Repair Lakeland can help!  We've been an iPhone service repair center for over 3 years now since the iPhone 3g was available on the market.  Repairing the Home Button is not something that should be attempted if you have never opened a cellular device.  It can be very over whelming and frustrating.  We can have you up and running with a new home button cable in 30 minutes and our repair comes with a warranty.


We can repair your home button on the iPhone, iPod, and iPad, Samsung!

The price to repair the home button is as follows:
  • iPhone Home Button Repair Service  -   $59
  • iPad Home Button Repair Service      -   $99
  • iPod Touch Home Button Repair       -    $49

How to Recalibrate Your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Home Button

Step 1:    Open a stock app, like Weather or Stocks.
Step 2:    Press and hold your power button until “slide to power off” appears and release.
Step 3:    Press and hold your Home button until the “slide to power off” goes away, and the app force quits. Your iPhone’s Home button should now be more responsive, because it has been recalibrated. We realize this is a known trick that’s been floating around for some time, but there are still many Apple users who still ask about sluggish home button response.

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