iPhone 5s & 5c repair in Lakeland, FL

Broke your new iPhone 5c or 5s? We can help with the repair process here at iPhone Repair Lakeland! Just bring it in and we'll get your repair process started for you!

The iPhone 5s is one of Apple's new Flagship smartphones on the market as of late 2013.  The 5S is almost a carbon copy of the traditional iPhone 5 with some new color variations.(but you can't use an iPhone 5 screen to repair a broken iPhone 5s). You can get last year's white/silver color, or "space gray," which matches black glass and a darker gray anodized aluminum. And, yes, there's gold or more of a champagne, or a light bronze. Paired with white glass on the back and front, you might have a hard time noticing the gold in the wild unless it was held in the sun.  And although the iPhone seems similar to the regular iPhone 5 it's a bit different inside especially with a fingerprint sensor.  But it's  different enough on the inside to make the repair process different!

Do you suffer from a broken screen on your iPhone 5s?  We can help!  Our popular repair service includes:

  • Broken LCD Screen
  • Broken or Shattered Glass Touch Screen
  • Defective Dock Charger
  • Stuck or Jammed Power Button
  • Home Button Not Clicking
  • Volume Switch Not Responding
  • iOS 7 Software Issues
  • Water or Liquid Damage Repair

Call for current pricing as the market rate on the iPhone 5s screens are coming down in price!  All our repairs come with a 1 year warranty against any defects.

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