Repair your Water or Liquid Damaged Smart Phone in Lakeland

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Dropped your iPhone or Samsung Smart Phone in Liquid?

Accidents happen!  A simple touch to your iPhone or Samsung cellphone can land it in a pool, toilet, sink, drinking glass, and even rain water.  It's hard to avoid even for the most cautious individuals.  But here at iPhone Repair Lakeland specialize in restoring cell phones that have been dropped in most types of liquid.  It's extremely important to follow these steps immediately after your phone has been submerged in liquid.  Following these steps will greatly increase the chances of your iPhone or Samsung being saved.  Rice does not work!  Rice only has a small saturation point and can only absorb so much and takes too long to be effective.

Turn off your iPhone quickly

Example: You dove into the pool and forgot your iPhone was in your pocket.  Even if its for just a few seconds.  Liquid can travel into your loud speaker or dock charger or ear piece speaker grill.  Just a drop of water can damage your logic board when your iPhone is active.

  • turn off your iPhone or Samsung quickly
  • remove your Sim Card and Battery from your phone if possible
  • shake out excess water from the empty sim card slot 
  • use a hair dryer, food dehydrator, or anything with flowing air and blow into the sim card slot
  • if you use a hair dryer then use low heat and do not stay in one place (only warm air, not hot)
  • do not power your phone on until the inside of your phone is cleaned properly

Liquids such as pool water, tap water, and especially salt water cause vast amounts of corrosion to your logic board inside your smart phone.  The corrosion can set in within a few hours.
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The worst thing you can do is to power your phone back on with the idea everything is ok. Often your phone will work for a few hours but after corrosion builds up then you will find yourself with a damaged iPhone and perhaps more damage.

There are some common safe practices to keep your phone dry during times when it's a high chance your phone can take liquid or moisture damage.

We always recommend keeping your phone in a ziplock type bag while at the beach.  The moisture in the air is one of the worst things for your phone!  If it's raining outside it's easy to assume your phone is safe in your pocket.  It's best to keep your pockets covered with your hand as drops of water can travel towards your phone's charging port and headphone jack. Like to listen to music while in the shower?  Did you know that steam in the air gets into your phone and slowly builds up corrosion.

If you find yourself on vacation or away from home and not in the area or a local repair shop then these steps might help you prevent further damage to your phone. It's best to bring your phone in for service at our  store on 3500 South Florida Ave #7, Lakeland, FL 33803 or call us at 863-937-5443

Be safe with your iPhone and Samsung smartphones!

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